Complete Ø 40 Pivoting Stick

Product description

The Complete Ø 40 Pivoting Door Stick was particularly adapted for highly frequented passages: shopping malls, cinema, other public places.

It can support a door weight up to 160 kg, with a maximum height of 3 meters and a glass thickness between 12 and 21.52 mm.

Easy installation: adjustments can be made at the time of installation for each fitting, ensuring an effective door setting.

  • This reference is composed of fixing points, top and bottom rotation units.

Mounting is possible between slabs, on transom panel, with side fixed parts & transom panel, with external bolted glass.

  • A floor brake must be installed with this pivoting system.
  • Many configurations are possible, on single or dual door.
  • Glass bead or brushed finish.
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