Variomont Cladding System

Product description

An Innovative Concept
An alternative to the traditional glass facade cladding system (metal, stone…). New architectural approaches with an evolutive fa├žade wall design.

Vertical wall covering


The VARIOMONT cladding system is composed of a vertical aluminium channel fitted with slides and pins, on which glazing panels are suspended. The glazing is equipped with feed through attachment fasteners located at the corners and, if required, at mid-length of the edges. The glazing panels are hardened and optionally, enamelled or serigraphic. The outside wall is at 120 mm from the opaque wall.


The VARIOMONT system is highly tolerant to shell raw work, manufacturing and installation tolerances.


  • Easy installation
  • An environment-friendly product
  • A complete and economic system,
  • New construction works or renovation of buildings including blind walls,
  • Can be adapted for stone cladding


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