Product description

The Triloba Glass Door Hydraulic Hinge is adapted for exterior doors & can bear a weight up to 150 kg, with a max width of 1200 mm.

Triloba features glass thickness between 10 mm & 12 mm and 0 +90° -90° hinges are fixed on the door’s corner.

Thanks to the system, no floor brake installation is required, only a small point.

  • Quick and easy installation as the adjustment of the door’s closing speed can directly be adjusted on the hinge itself.
  • Triloba has successfully passed the 1 million cycles test.
  • The product resists to wind blast. It offers a secure door closing. Triloba can be fixed on wall, glass or ceiling.
  • Various finishes available.
  1. Double hinge: adjustment of the closing speed of the door
  2. For outer door, max :150 kg
  3. Hinge: substitute the floor brake
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