Facades & Canopies (Classic), Custom Fabrication

Woods Hole Ferry Terminal

Installed by Cherry Hill Glass Company

Architect: bertaux + iwerks architects

Fabricated by SADEV USA

Project Location: Woods Hole, Massachusetts

In 2020, SADEV USA & Cherry Hill Glass Co. partnered together to design and engineer 2 butterfly shaped pier canopies along with 1 smaller bulkhead canopy. The canopy outriggers were made from Western Red Cedar timbers that were tapered to provide the wing shaped design. SADEV USA supplied saddle brackets that straddled the timbers and provided anchor points for our S3100 series spiders + R1006 swivels. Windscreen clamps were also custom manufactured for the project to support the vertical glass panels below the canopies. In addition to shop drawings & engineering services for the glass system we also provided glass fabrication drawings which were very detailed on this particular project due to the artwork that was unique to each panel.


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