The Right Canopy for your Project

Finding the right canopy for your project may seem like a small task, but it can take a lot of time. Discover the four canopies available from Sadev USA and how each might fit your project needs.


Light canopies are designed for small glass dimensions and can be installed for a low cost and fast implementation. It features a thinner glass, with a glass thickness of only 5.5 or 6.6 millimeters.

This canopy is ideal if you don’t need custom sizing, have a smaller area you want to cover and want to spend a little less!


The plazza canopies are easy to install and cover a larger area than light canopies. Plazza canopies are based on several flat glass panels connected with parallel tension devices and linking parts. You can purchase plazza canopies in kit as well, making installation even easier.

Plazza canopies are perfect if you want standard glass thickness – 13.52 to 25.2 mm – or wish to customize your canopy. We can create a customized solution for your project to implement the plazza canopy, though it is not suitable for curved glass.


If you want a completely customizable canopy solution, the arcade canopy is the one for you. We offer tailor-made arcade canopies for your projects, with flat or curved glazing and standard glass thickness.

The arcade canopy is easy to install and is available in kits. Contact us to learn more about this customizable canopy solution!


Corole canopies are easy to install, include standard glass thickness and flat glazing. These canopies can be tailor-made for your project but are not suitable for curved glass. With a corole canopy, you receive one glass panel, with 4 fixing points and cross ties.

The corole canopy is available in kits and works well for single door entrances and exits.

Interested in learning more about our canopies? Contact us for more information!

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